World Affairs Council - Washington, DC
1200 18th Street, NW Suite 902
Washington, DC, 20036

Phone: 202-293-1051

The World Affairs Council – Washington, DC (WAC–DC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to expanding awareness among the American public and the international community of geo-political, business, and civil society issues in our inter-connected world.

Since 1980, WAC–DC has been a leading provider of top-level and thought-provoking presentations, debates, and discussions of global education and international affairs in the Washington metro area. The council’s programs include public, diplomatic, political, and business events, town hall meetings, professional development seminars, and international communications programs.

The council provides a neutral forum for speeches by presidents, prime ministers, cabinet officials, economists, diplomats, scholars, academics, corporate leaders, authors, researchers, pundits, journalists, and Nobel laureates. These worldwide speakers join council members, VIP guests, online audiences and the public for in-depth discussions of major foreign policy and education issues that have global impact.

To learn more about their International Affairs Programs, please click here.


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