1414 Ritchie-Marlboro Road
Capitol Heights, MD

Phone: 1-888-441-7575

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Rent a mobility scooter or wheelchair for your next visit to Washington, DC. Whether you travel for business or vacation, Scootaround offers free delivery to all Greater DC area hotels, residences and event venues.

A scooter is ideal for a first time visitor or a longtime resident to visit the World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, White House, U.S. Capitol, Cherry Blossom Festival, and much more. After riding a comfortable scooter for the day, you'll have much more energy to spare for shopping, nightlife, and more.

And remember to ask about how you can rent a scooter for use for other cities and locations.

Scooter and wheelchair rentals in DC (free delivery to hotels in the Greater DC area):

Three days: $175
Weekly: $240
Ten days: $295


Daily 8am - 7pm

Guided Tour Providers: Yes


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