Brothers Jacob and Randolph Dodd collaborated on more than 50 buildings in Deanwood in addition to their own individual projects.

The brothers began their house-building trade in 1921, continuing a design/building tradition that dates back to the 19th century in this area. The Dodd brothers established a community tradition of building sound structures despite their limited access to materials and funds. In order to save money, they bought framing and window sashes in bulk, and only installed windows in the front and back of the houses. Owners could (and often did) add side windows later, yet some of their houses remain without side windows to this day. These houses were built in 1926 by Jacob Dodd to designs by Lewis Giles, Sr. for white developer Joseph L. Tepper.

These houses are located at: 4621, 4623, 4643, 4645, 4647 Hunt Place, NE


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