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Spies of Georgetown Walking Tour

A small tobacco port 250 years ago, Georgetown today is one of the most fashionable areas of Washington, and is associated with high-profile political figures, media moguls, and society leaders. However, there is another side of Georgetown: espionage and intrigue.

This approximately two and one half hour walking tour will highlight sites associated with spies, counter-spies, and covert action successes and failures. It will include personalities as diverse as Alger Hiss, "Wild Bill" Donovan, James Angleton, Allen Dulles, and Betty Pack, an auburn-haired American beauty who successfully spied for the Allies during World War II.

Spies in the Shadow of the White House Walking Tour

See the heart of Washington as you have never seen it before. Stroll through Lafayette Square, the "President's Park," and learn tales of intrigue and espionage from America's darkest hours.

Who was the Confederate spy who practiced her wiles in the shadow of the White House? Who was the spy who spent long hours sitting in the park, and why? Which was the elaborate structure that housed the early days of military intelligence?

You will conclude this approximately two and one-half hour tour in proximity to the major museums and tourist sites of Washington.

Spies: North by Northwest Walking Tour

The neighborhoods around the present Russian Embassy on Upper Wisconsin Avenue have a rich history of espionage.

Who was the beautiful young analyst in the Department of Justice who captured the fancy of the American public and the press? What is the background of the tunnel under the present Russian Embassy? Where and why was it dug?

This walking tour will discuss stories of espionage and intriguing personalities involving the embassies, the apartments, and the restaurants of the area, and even the Washington National Cathedral!

Spies of Capitol Hill Walking Tour

What espionage activities were conducted in the shadow of the dome of the Capitol? What spies were associated with the U.S. Supreme Court? Who was the Congressman who accepted money from the Soviet Union, and what was the unexpected irony? We will see the homes of famous and not-so-famous Capitol Hill residents with espionage connections.

Tour Guide:

Carol Bessette, a retired Air Force intelligence officer, Vietnam veteran, lecturer, and a licensed Certified Master Tour Guide



Guided Tour Providers: Yes


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