Robert H. Terrell Law School, named after DC Municipal Court Judge Robert Terrell (1857-1925), offered evening classes in the law from 1931 until 1950.

In 1931 Howard University closed its evening law school program. George A. Parker, Philip W. Thomas, Louis R. Mehlinger, Benjamin Gaskins, Chetser Jarvis, and Lafayette Hershaw founded the Terrell Law School to serve the student population that worked during the daytime and could only attend law school at night. Joining the group were instructors at the John M. Langston School of Law, which had operated as part of Frelinghuysen University. In its 19 years, Terrell Law School attracted the majority of African Americans studying law in the city. It closed as other law schools opened their doors to African American students.

Among its distinguished alumni are Judge Margaret Haywood, Marjorie Lawson, District Commissioner John B. Duncan, and Recorder of Deeds Peter Ridley.


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