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  • Autographed Posters by Dana Ellyn
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A Street Car Named Forty
Inspired by Mount Pleasant, Stop #15: Lamont and Mt. Pleasant Streets NW
American Gothic
Inspired by Logan Circle, Stop #9: 11th & P Street NW Photographer Gordon Parks (the first African American photographer for the Farm Security Administration (FSA), created a famous portrait called “American Gothic, Washington, DC.” The photo featured Ella Watson, a cleaning woman in the FSA, holding a mop and broom in front of an American flag. The FSA was a New Deal agency that recorded the grim conditions of the Great Depression.
Beer garden
Inspired by Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains, Stop #16: Georgia Avenue & Kenyon Street NW. Back when this area was open fields, the German American Schuetzen Verein (marksmanship society) created a 12.5 acre amusement park. Washingtonian flocked to Schuetzen Park for target shooting, concerts, dancing, bowling and picnics.
Inspired by Adams Morgan, Stop #5: 16th Street at Harvard St NW Activist Angela Davis spoke at the All Souls Church in 1974.
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