Thirteen years ago, Cultural Tourism DC, Inc. and its affiliates formed Passport DC, an event that honors the diversity of cultural influences in the District of Columbia by providing multiple opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy all that the District has to offer. Passport DC is a month-long journey that takes people around the world without leaving DC. 

This year, as a virtual event, Passport DC highlight DC's international and diplomatic community through live and pre-recorded activities delivered by our Affiliates, embassies, and selected DC restaurants and cultural institutions. DC residents and would-be visitors can learn about international culture through programs and presentations of history, humanities, performing and visual art, concerts, author talks, cooking demonstrations and more.

Passport DC @Home offers something for everyone.  We invite you to experience  global journey without leaving your home! Enjoy the trip!


YouTube: Passport DC @Home YouTube: Passport DC @Home

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