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Elaine lives and breathes Washington. She graduated from American University and now lives in nearby Alexandria, Virginia (on land that was part of the original Mount Vernon Estate). She decided years ago to become a tour guide and took to learning more about Washington, DC with a vengeance, becoming a docent at many historic homes. As a guide she has conducted city tours and specialty tours for groups of all ages from all over the world. Her specialty tours included: Ghosts of Lafayette Square and the Gilded Age of Embassy Row. Her current presentations are entitled "A Tour Guide's Guide to Washington without Leaving your Seat" and "Fascinating Facts about our First Ladies".

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>  Elaine has been a speaker for eight years. Her client list includes such organizations as the Department of Labor, AARP and the Internal Revenue Service (see complete list on Rave Reviews page).
>  Elaine has been a licensed DC guide and member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides for 12 years. She has served as a docent at a variety of locations including: Woodlawn Plantation, Carlyle House, the Heurich Mansion, the Capitol and Gadsby's Tavern.
>  She has spoken on Voice of America (though her talk was dubbed into Farsi, so she's not sure what she said, but she's confident it was fascinating.)
>  She has appeared on Time Travel in Virginia TV Show where she was advised she would be asked about the Presidents from Virginia. Total questions about Virginia Presidents: 0.
>  She has been called "Guide to the Stars" and has taken luminaries such as the internationally acclaimed musician, John Tesh, National Basketball Association star, Carlos Boozer and the crew of America's Funniest Videos

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