Neighborhood Heritage Trails Neighborhood Heritage Trails

A visitor reads a sign at the Downtown Heritage Trail. The Cultural Tourism DC Heritage Trails connect cosmopolitan DC with local neighborhood culture and history.


Cultural Tourism DC's Neighborhood Heritage Trails are the official walking trails of Washington, DC. Take a stroll through DC history when you follow one our our self-guided walking trails. Each trail sign combines stories, historic photos, and maps. Explore, shop, exercise, and enjoy a bite to eat -- all at your own pace. Check out our full list of trails at left.  

"It's amazing how much one can learn by just walking around. And Cultural Tourism DC gets it done on that front. If you've ever seen the signs around town, then you know what I'm talking about. My basic advice is to read every single one you see. You will learn a lot. There's a new one up along H Street and it's all the rage - so much so that even NBC4's Pat Collins showed up for a tour recently. The Post's Emily Wax chronicles how this historical walkway came to be in Northeast."
-The Root DC

Access the Downtown Heritage Trail and Greater U Street Heritage Trail on your mobile device! The mobile app, which features location-aware maps, historic images, and 1st-person interviews with a wide range of notable DC residents, is available on iPhones, Androids, and any smartphones with a full Internet browser. Visitors can  go to to access the app.

Cultural Tourism DC Audio Journeys are now available for the Downtown Heritage Trail and the Greater U Street Heritage Trail! These free tours take listeners by the ear and leads them through the streets of Washington, telling the city's great stories in dramatic fashion.


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