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Italians in Washington, DC (Italians in DC or IDC) is a non-profit association that was born out of a Facebook group created in February 2009. Since then, IDC has become a large network of Italians who live, work, study, or do research in the DC Area. Through happy hours, cook outs, and parties, friendships have been forged, enriching the lives of Italians during their stay in DC. IDC hopes these bonds will remain strong even after people go back to Italy or continue on towards other places.

Other than helping Italians meet each other, Italians in DC serves as an information exchange network, or reference, supporting people that have already been through a particular DC experience and linking them with those who have yet to go through it.

When people have the chance to meet each other, they discover common interests, generate ideas, and build projects. In order to ensure that these ideas are not shelved, IDC is developing the capacity to support various ideas and projects of Italians in Washington, DC. Each proposal that is submitted by a member of Italians in DC is taken into consideration! This is how many of our events are born, and we hope to support many more. Italians in DC aims to facilitate the insertion of Italians in Washington and to allow them to develop that which interests them most.

Although our target audience are Italians in DC , most or our events are open also to Italian-Americans, Italy lovers, and all friends of Italians in DC.

Vision: A strong network of Italians to the benefit of the community.

Mission: Italians in DC aims to connect, create meeting opportunities, and assist Italians in Washington, DC, facilitating their integration in the US capital environment. Italians in DC wants to connect people so to add to their personal as well as professional success thereby creating a strong Italian community in Washington, DC.

Goal: Reach and connect the circa 3,000 Italians who live in the Washington Metropolitan Area, to have them become members of Italians in DC.

Contact Info:

Contact info@italiansindc.com with any questions or for more information.



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