925 U Street, NW
Washington , DC, 20001

Phone: 202-387-8391

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The Humanities Council of Washington, DC was founded in 1980 as a grant making agency and has grown to become both a founder of community projects and a provider of educational programs, for audiences across wards, neighborhoods, and cultures in the Washington area.

The Council is an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities; however it is a private, non-profit organization, and not a federal or District agency. The mission of the Humanities Council is to enrich the quality of life, foster intellectual stimulation, and promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of local history in all neighborhoods of the District through humanities programs and grants.

The Humanities Council believes that in-depth consideration of the issues that affect us as individuals in a society can make a positive impact on our lives, and believes each citizen can participate in our vision to "transform lives through the power of the humanities."

Programs designed and implemented by the Council include the Humanities Salons lecture series; three educational television programs aired on DC Public Access Television; BRANCHES, a collaboration with the DC Public Library; Soul of the City, a three-day urban leadership seminar; and the Humanities Resource Center. The grant program provides small or planning grants of up to $5, 000.

The Council is committed to supporting smaller, grass-roots organizations and projects that may be overlooked by major funders as well as established organizations.



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