What You'll See!

East of the Anacostia River, DC's last area to urbanize, offers acres of open riverfront, notable Civil War history, and magnificent views. Bring your binoculars and take in the abundant wildlife - you may even see bald eagles!

The Grandest Vistas in the Nation's Capital

A spectacular vista of the city from Fort Stanton and Washington Overlook is well worth the drive across the 11th Street Bridge into Anacostia. The bridge itself claims its place in history as the escape route for Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

Historic Streets

You can still see 19th-century streetscapes of small frame houses with front porches and Italianate detail in the Anacostia Historic District. These were the homes of Washington Navy Yard workers who lived in what was then called Uniontown, the city's first planned suburb.

Driving down Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave, you'll come across the World's Largest Chair, a neighborhood landmark since 1959.

African American Heritage in Anacostia

Cedar Hill, the magnificently preserved home of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, stands majestically on a hilltop in historic Anacostia. The imposing Gothic Revival house, home to the celebrated orator and statesman for 18 years, provides another breathtaking view of the city.

You'll also want to see the site of renowned naturalist Solomon G. Brown's home. Brown was the first African American employed at the Smithsonian Institution. And stop by Campbell AME Church, at 2562 Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue, whose roots reach back to 1850. Don't miss the view from the church's parking lot!

Visit the African American Heritage Trail page for more information on this notable district.

For More Information

Check out our Calendar for up-to-date information on exhibitions, lectures and other heritage happenings in the city.


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