What You'll See!

Step off Metro's Orange line at Minnesota Avenue and you'll find yourself in a residential neighborhood unlike any other in DC.

With its characteristic, small, wood-frame houses on large lots, Deanwood looks like a country town. While the name "Deanwood" is best known, the area actually includes the early communities historically known as Whittingham, Lincoln Heights, and Burrville.

Here in this unique setting, you can enjoy fine green spaces and intriguing African American history, all within a few subway stops of downtown.

African American Legacy

This traditionally African American enclave, which sits on a former tobacco plantation, is alive with stories of pride and community. From 1890s craftsmen to a 20th century R&B icon, Deanwood reveals a rich African American legacy.

Here you can check out the site of the National Training School for Women and Girls, founded in 1909 by educator and civil rights and women's rights activist Nannie Helen Burroughs, and the home of prominent architectural engineer and civic leader Howard D. Woodson. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll also see several other African American Heritage Trail sites marked with plaques around the neighborhood.


If you're a nature fan, you'll appreciate Deanwood's parks and biking trails.

Named for one of DC's favorite sons, Marvin Gaye Park offers a place to enjoy a picnic lunch or follow a bike trail while remembering the R&B artist who once sang with friends in this very spot. A little farther west, take in the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens - 56 acres of beautiful tidal marsh and ponds on the Anacostia River.

A Far Northeast Community

Because of its relatively remote location and because its residents lacked political power downtown, Deanwood remained without city services even into the 1950s. Yet many long-time residents will tell you that these conditions only helped create a stronger community, where people built their own homes, churches, and businesses.

Today Deanwood's wide lots and rich parkland still evoke the time, not too long ago, when Deanwood was "the country."

A Self-Reliant People: Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail

This self-guided walking trail describes Deanwood's extraordinary past - from its country roots to compelling history, natural beauty, and more. Follow the signs to learn about this Far Northeast neighborhood!

For More Information

Check out our Calendar for up-to-date information on exhibitions, lectures and other heritage happenings in the city.


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