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1400 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20004

Phone: 202-421-4053

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DC Walkabout offers entertaining, educational, and engaging Washington DC Walking Tours. Featured in Fodor's, Politico, The Hill, The Examiner, RT, HuffPost, ThinkProgress, ABC, WTOP, and more!

Tours include the American Scandal, Lincoln Assassination, National Mall, Cherry Blossom, Haunted History, and Capitol Hill. As the only tour company in DC to combine historical audio excerpts, music, storytelling, and sound effects, you are assured a rich and dynamic experience.

Hear FDR's own voice bring the FDR Memorial to life, the sounds of the March on Washington illuminate the story of MLK, President Eisenhower on the Korean War, along with thoroughly researched interesting facts, stories, untold histories, secrets, and sound effects. These walking tours bring the past alive for you walking tour pleasure. These tours are more than just simple walking tours, each one is its own Walkumentary. Check out the current offering of walking tours for more information.

Guided Tour Providers: Yes


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