DC by Foot - Free Washington Tours
1740 18th St. NW Suite 304
Washington, DC, 20009

Phone: (202) 370-1830

DC by Foot offers free walking and bus tours of the National Mall and Tidal Basin as well as walking tours through Arlington National Cemetery that can best be described as whirlwind performances of history that draw on jokes, stories, anecdotes, trivia competitions, and obscure facts and figures. This full-service tour company can also customize private tours for students and groups.

Part performers, part professors, DC by Foot's passionate, licensed tour guides who enjoy working with teachers to create "interactive classrooms." This enthusiasm makes City by Foot a great choice for school trips.

Walk through all of the major memorials in about an hour to hear the most interesting facts about the monuments and become an expert on the history that inspired them. Not your typical history lesson, the More than Monuments tour will teach you about Hollywood's involvement in World War II, the origin of Taps, and why President Lincoln wore a beard. You'll also hear a great story about George Washington's love for dots, the indestructibility of the President's car, why French women loved Thomas Jefferson, and much more.

Check out DC by Foot's Lincoln Assassination Tour.

Guided Tour Providers: Yes


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