Capitol Hill Restoration Society
420 10th Street Southeast
Washington, DC, 20003

Phone: 202-543-0425
Fax: 202-543-0425

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For more than 50 years, the Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS) has championed the interests of residential Capitol Hill by working to preserve its historic character and enhance its livability through efforts in planning, zoning, traffic management, and public safety.

The annual House and Garden Tour, held every Mother's Day weekend, showcases approximately ten renovated buildings in the 200-year-old community. Community grants are awarded from a portion of the proceeds.

Grants have been awarded for projects:

To collect oral histories in a local neighborhood
To expand a local playing field
To restore ironwork at a small ‘triangle park'
To fund an anti-littering video produced in part by children residing in local low-income housing, as well as many others
CHRS continues to be proactive in helping to preserve and better Capitol Hill. Recent efforts have focused on:

Working with neighbors for the renovation of Bryan School for both loft and town house development Sponsoring the extension of the Capitol Hill Historic District to include the area closest to the Navy Yard Monitoring development plans along the H Street, NE, corridor and M Street, SE area; DC General Hospital site; and the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court
CHRS hosts monthly Preservation Cafes, where the community hears from experts on a variety of restoration issues. A pilot project to assist a Hill resident with limited resources to restore her home's front facade has helped establish a citywide program for assisting low-income homeowners within historic districts.

CHRS is also serving as the "umbrella" organization for the Capitol Hill Call Box restoration project.

We are always in need of volunteers for our many committees and for the House Tour. Membership and volunteer information can be obtained online or by phone.



Mailing address:

Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS)
P.O. Box 15264
Washington, DC 20003-0264



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