Capital Fringe
PO Box 50659
Washington, DC, 20091

Phone: 866-811-4111

Our Mission
Capital Fringe is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in the summer of 2005 with the purpose of infusing energy into performing arts in the Washington, DC region through our annual Fringe Festival and year-round Fringe Training Factory. Capital Fringe's vigorous programs ensure the growth and continued health of the local and regional performing arts community by helping artists become independent producers while stimulating the vibrant cultural landscape in our city.

Our Vision
Capital Fringe dedicates itself to: presenting the work of as many innovative local, national and international performing artists as possible; energizing, broadening and deepening local audiences through dynamic, diverse programming that is affordable and accessible; serving the community of DC-area artists by providing opportunities for continuing education, discussion and collaboration; creating new year-round outlets for experimental performance so that the DC Metro area performance scene may flourish beyond the span of the summer festival; honoring the spirit of Fringe Festivals worldwide by keeping the Festival accessible to all who wish to participate.

Our Impact
FRINGE'S IMPACT SINCE WE STARTED Brought 102,000 adventurous audiences into unique local spaces Grew to the second largest, unjuried Fringe Festival in the USA Generated over $1.4 million in revenue for participating artists Premiered over 400 new works of contemporary performance 866 paid positions, 469 to DC residents

Our Yearly Impact
Connected over 40,000 adventurous audiences, half of whom are between the ages of 25-54, to 5,000 exploratory artists; selling 40,000 tickets to our fall and summer Festivals Generated over $283,538 in revenue for our participating artists Premiered over 116 new works of contemporary performance 83 paid positions, 58 to DC residents

Read our 2013 – 2015 Strategic Plan (PDF)




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