Barracks Row Main Street
733 1/2 8th Street, SE
Washington, DC, 20003

Phone: 202-544-3188

See map: Google Maps
Barracks Row MainStreet is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization working to revitalize 8th Street SE between Pennsylvania Avenue and M Street in Southeast Washington, DC. Established in 1997 from a concept developed by the Barracks Row Business Alliance, the organization raised funds and opened an office in fall 2000.

Barracks Row Main Street's mission is to benefit the broadest possible local community by restoring 8th Street SE as a vibrant commercial link connecting Capitol Hill with the waterfront.

Despite being the first commercial street of the Federal City and home to the skilled craftspeople that built Washington, out-migration of middle class residents and a high concentration of poverty around Barracks Row led to local disinvestment.

The Main Street Project seeks to improve the appearance of the corridor through historic preservation and to leverage the Navy Yard expansion and other positive development forces into a sustainable economic strategy guiding commercial growth and benefiting community development.

The organization aims to improve the environment by incorporating sustainable and low impact design solutions in the streetscape and minimize car dependency by creating a Main Street that meets residents commercial needs within the community.

Ultimately, the group will restore 8th Street as a safe, clean, inviting, and successful commercial district uniting a diverse community by providing jobs, activities, goods, and services.

Barracks Row Main Street served as local partner for Cultural Tourism DC's self-guided neighborhood trail, Tour of Duty: Barracks Row Heritage Trail.





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