ArabFest is a celebration of Arab culture in the United States. Our goal is to bring people from all walks of life to enjoy a day of Arab Heritage. We strive to introduce the Arab Community in the U.S. Through festive food, music, art, culture, dance and entertainment. We believe that these types of events can encourage more positive interaction among people.
Arab culture is the hidden jewel that most people in the West do not clearly view in the mainstream media. We want to share our heritage and culture with our fellow Americans and have a day of celebration of the colorful and joyous way of life within our community.
Arabfest is open for everyone to share the joy a beautiful Fall day, outdoors. We bring many vendors providing tasty ethnic foods from the Gulf, the Levant, North Africa and more. An Authentic Arts and Crafts Bazaar and many other products will be on display and on sale. Fun children's games will also be present.
Additionally, two full days of entertainment on stage, with live performances of music, cultural dances and live singers.
We intend to bring the fascination and curiosity of the East to the West, in their full colors.
Come celebrate with us at the Arab-Eid-Fest. This year, it closely follows Eid Al-Adha, where Prophet Abraham is celebrated by all faiths.
Bring your family, friends and kids and feel free to display your ethnic colorful fashions. We have designated a prize for the Best Arab Ethnic Attire.