Make No Little Plans: Federal Triangle Heritage Trail Make No Little Plans: Federal Triangle Heritage Trail


Make No Little Plans: Federal Triangle Heritage Trail  invites you to explore the imposing set of buildings located between the Capitol and the White House along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues, NW. During the Great Depression, construction of the Federal Triangle provided much-needed employment for the construction workers, artists, and craftsmen involved. Today public servants in thousands of offices carry out the Constitution's mission where Washingtonians once shopped, enjoyed theaters and billiard parlors, and lived their daily lives. Discover the old neighborhood while unlocking secrets of the marvelous buildings that replaced it.

Make No Little Plans: Federal Triangle Heritage Trail  consists of 16 illustrated signs that take you on a walk around these inspiring Beaux-Arts and Neoclassical buildings. It is Washington, DC's 14th Official Walking Trail. The first sign is located in the 700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the entrance to the Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter station on Metrorail's Green and Yellow lines. Sign 5 is visible from the Federal Triangle station, 12th Street exit, on Metrorail's Orange and Blue lines. This trail can be walked in any order and provides approximately one hour of gentle exercise.

The self-guided tour follows Pennsylvania Avenue west to Freedom Plaza, turns south, and continues east along Constitution Avenue to the Federal Trade Commission. As you walk, remember the words of architect Daniel Burnham: "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood. Make big plans."

Walkers are encouraged to follow the trail at their own pace, sampling businesses and museums along the way.

Make No Little Plans: Federal Triangle Heritage Trail  is a project of the U.S. General Services Administration in collaboration with Cultural Tourism DC.

For more information, email us at or call 202-355-4280.


  • The designs of visionary architects such John Russell Popes magnificent National Archives
  • America's Main Street and ceremonial route
  • The home of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence
  • Great Depression-era sculptures and murals that reveal the work of public servants on behalf of the nation
  • The building whose proposed demolition launched the historic preservation movement in Washington, DC
  • Washington, DC's City Hall
  • A section of the Berlin Wall
  • Washington's third-tallest structure, open to the public for glorious views of the city


Download the trail map PDF.
Download the trail guidebook PDF.


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