575 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20004

Phone: 202-393-1099

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The National Museum of Crime & Punishment (NMCP) provides memorable insight into the history of crime, crime fighting and solving, and the consequences of committing a crime through an interactive, entertaining, and educational experience.

With historical artifacts typically found in a traditional museum, combined with dynamic interaction, the NMCP will capture the interest of everyone from the casual observer to the most ardent of criminologists. The museum presents the history of crime and punishment in America, with pirates, Wild West outlaws, serial killers, gangsters, and white collar criminals hiding behind computer technology.

Five galleries burrow deep into criminal intent, criminal profiles, the prison system, victims, crime prevention, and more. Highlights include an interactive CSI experience with a realistic forensics lab; a full-scale model police station with a lie detector test, booking and mug shot rooms, and a jail cell; a simulated FBI shooting range and high-speed police chase training equipment; and a gas chamber and electric chair.

Also included is a behind-the-scenes look at America's Most Wanted, with a personal tribute to host John Walsh and an exploration of the program's significant impact on crime in America. The NMCP will serve as home for occasional broadcasts of America's Most Wanted.




10am - 6pm


Adults ages 12 - 59 $21.95

Seniors ages 60 and over, military, and police $19.95

Children ages 5 - 11 $14.95

Children under 5 FREE



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